That’s all folks!

You might be pleased that you won’t wake up tomorrow to find an email from me.  The daily content was a four-month test.  It actually worked (i.e. it drove more people to my site).

However, I have some more useful things I’m working on – a ‘proper’ book (due in March 2016), and three businesses that are all focused on helping people have better careers.  I also have a day job, which is demanding. And a family, who are a pleasure.

Sorry if you like the daily stuff.  You can follow me on Twitter.  I’ll still share the things I read there.  I will let you know as I launch things.

Thanks for sticking around.




Why humans kiss when most animals don’t?

This article has an intriguing answer to how humans select their mates.

A snippet on why animals don’t need to kiss:

It’s not just mammals that have a great sense of smell. A male black widow spider can smell pheromones produced by a female that tell him if she has recently eaten. To minimise the risk of being eaten, he will only mate with her if she is not hungry.