Behavioral traps and innovation: What innovators can learn from investors’ failures

This is a great article about innovation and behavioral finance.

A snippet:

For these three shared characteristics — future orientation, uncertainty, and tensions between the long term and the short term — decisions about how to pursue innovation and decisions about investing have similar structures and take place in comparable contexts.

My investments

Someone asked me the other day how I invest my pension. Here’s the answer:

Individual companies: Amazon, ASOS, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Shaftesbury, Regus, Tesla, Tesco, Google.

Funds: Vanguard Emerging Markets, Vanguard US Equities.

Bonds: UK Gilts, Corporate Bonds of global businesses.

Commodities: Gold, Oil, Crops.

I invest when I think the price is at least 30% lower than the value.

I sell when the price dips below its 200-day moving average.

This is not investment advice, just in case you were thinking it is.