Home economics: The link between work-life balance and income inequality

This is a great article about work-life balance and gender equality.

In summary:

You could see our departure as the triumph of egalitarianism, and in a way it was. I don’t think my father would have given up a tenure-track job for my mother. But in my marriage the decision came down to brute economics: My wife was going to make double what I made.

Five kinds of buffers that help you be in the moment

This is an insightful podcast by Todd Henry about creating space between your tasks.

A snippet:

If you try to go full out, full boar, nose to the grind stone, twenty-four seven, over the course of time you will eventually wear out. And you may be prolific and you may be brilliant but if you are not healthy, if you’re not sustainable, you eventually lose prolific and brilliant as well.